“Helpless Struggle”

MM approaches an art piece and looks at the description plate. “Helpless Struggle – Oil on canvas.” In what appears to be the middle of the ocean there was an enormous wave about to engulf the silhouette of a man standing alone on a rock. In the foreground another silhouette of a rock with waves crashing against it displayed the silhouettes of two men. They were engaged in a dynamic struggle. For some reason Metaphysical Man couldn’t take his eyes off the painting. Suddenly he noticed the sound of an animated discussion gradually getting louder as they approached him. He recognized one of the voices as his friend Dan. ” I’m telling you it represents man’s struggle against his environment. It is inevitable of course that he win this struggle. It reminds me of the dramatic conclusion to the  Who’s rock opera Quadrophenia. In the song entitled ‘the Rock’ the protagonist dissatisfied with his society boards a small boat and flees to a rock in the middle of the sea.” The other voice, which Double M did not recognize responded, “I don’t agree with you. I think the piece is blasphemous. The artist is obviously insinuating that man is without hope and destined to be swept away by his environment. It’s sacrilege!” Metaphysical Man felt a hand on his shoulder. “Metaphysical Man is an expert art critic. Let’s let him settle this for us.” At that moment the deafening sound of breaking glass drew the attention of everyone in the building. This was followed by the sound of hundreds of motorcycle engines revving up. Metaphysical Man began running towards the open window. At the same time he ripped open his tuxedo shirt revealing the MM logo on his chest.

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