My name is Metaphysical Man. As far as superheroes go I’m no less capable than any other. I can judge a situation simply by looking at the outside appearance of someone. I can move at lightning speed and lift three thousand times my own weight. I’ve been known to level mountains by emitting laser beams from my eyes. I’m from a city called Atro City. In fact I’m Atro City’s oldest resident though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. 

If you’re honest with yourself you have to admit that you’re captivated by super powers. As children most of you have probably pretended that you could fly like Superman, shoot lasers out of the palms of your hands like Iron Man, or become unbelievably strong like the Incredible Hulk. Or maybe you pretended you were a super villain like the Joker, Green Goblin or Magneto. When it comes to super powers a balance of strength must exist with regard to heroes and villains. A super villain must not have abilities so superior that the super hero cannot handle him. At the same time although we expect the hero to win, he must not be so powerful that no villains present a challenge for him. The possibility must always exist that the bad guy could actually win. For that reason if the super hero has an overabundance of power – which sometimes happens – he must also have an accompanying weakness to check his power. That being said, it must be noted that I have no known weaknesses.

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